[NEW FBA Listing] Amazon launches a business accelerator, Google pays for news content, SaaS market growth predictions, App Store appeals process, and more

Google is to start paying for news content from select publishers as part of a “new news experience”. The program will start in Germany, Brazil, and Australia and will include publications like Der Spiegel and Schwarz Media. Spiegel Group’s Managing Director said, “[The program] will allow us to curate an experience that will bring our award-winning editorial voice into play, broaden our outreach, and provide trusted news in a compelling way across Google products.”

Apple will create an appeals process for app developers who violate their guidelines. This decision comes after the company faced heavy scrutiny for demanding that Basecamp provide an in-app payment option for their Hey app. Apple has always had the power to suspend or remove apps from the App Store, but many think this power amounts to a monopoly. Basecamp’s Chief Technology Officer, David Heinemeier Hansson, has called Apple’s new appeals process “pretty significant”. Apple will still have to contend with the EU’s impending probe into its business practices.

Adelphic has released its assessment of the e-commerce industry’s recent growth. People were shopping online more than ever before the COVID-19 outbreak started, and the report highlights a leap in online shopping adoption rates since March. The report claims a “33% increase in those shopping online 4-6 days a week” in the US and a “54% increase in those shopping online 2-3 days a week”. The report also highlights the importance of looking beyond traditional marketing channels to succeed in the current e-commerce climate.

Amazon has launched a small business accelerator for 200k small businesses in the UK. By partnering with Enterprise Nation, a business support network, Amazon can now offer free online training in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The program features an “online diagnostics test”, which directs users towards different “Start”, “Grow”, or “Turbo” materials, and users will also be eligible for discounts on business supplies and protective equipment. Today’s “Virtual Amazon Academy” event will serve to kick off this new program by helping explain the world of online selling to anyone interested in learning about online business models.

New this week is a growing private label FBA business in the kitchenware and fitness products niche with a 99% 5-star positive feedback rating across over 6.1K reviews.

Launched in 2016, the brands have gone from strength-to-strength by providing high-quality private label kitchenware and active lifestyle products including cooking splatter screens, travel accessories, and sports towels across two highly-rated brands. With nearly half a decade of operational history, exclusive supplier contracts, and thousands of 5-star product reviews, the business has successfully demonstrated product-market fit and continues to grow YoY.

With two strong brands across the kitchenware and fitness niches, the business has secured a firm foothold in two vast and profitable industries. The global kitchenware market is expected to reach $77.4 billion by 2025 and the fitness market is forecast to reach revenues of $21.0 billion by 2024. Both brands are optimally-positioned to capitalize on these predictable trends.

The wide market reception and commitment to excellence have helped fuel rapid growth, with revenues rising at a c.55.8% CAGR from 2017 – 2019 and continuing to rise in 2020. With a steady ARPU of c.$14.70 and impressive sales volume of c.18,000 orders per month over the LTM, the business now generates c.$3.1M in annual revenue, allowing for plenty of resources to invest in growth.

The business presents a great opportunity for a new owner looking to take over a growing Amazon FBA business with a stellar record of success and a firm foothold in two vast niches.

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Affiliate – Automotive Accessories – $1.9K Gross/Mo

  • Portfolio of two sites firmly positioned in the lucrative Automotive Accessories niche
  • Vast content library with c.140 detailed articles, ranking for c.16,000 keywords
  • High volume of traffic with over 181,000 visitors and more than 206,000 page views in the LTM
  • Lean and scalable cost structure driving high net margins

Yearly net profit: $16,500
Asking price: $55,000