Market Reports

It is important to have the most accurate information when making business decisions. As an industry leading M&A advisor, we’re on a mission to help entrepreneurs better understand the market to create a more sellable online business or to successfully acquire one.

2024 M&A Report

Presenting our SaaS and Digital Media M&A Reports: Insights and Best Practices for 2024.


Our team of experts in exit planning, valuations and investment banking are shedding light on the implications of pivotal changes in the market, guiding you through the intricacies of the SaaS and Digital Media landscape in 2024.

Mid Year Report header (1)

Introducing our 2023 Mid-Year Market Report: Reflecting on M&A Activity.


Explore the rapidly changing landscape of SaaS and Digital Media M&A in our comprehensive market reports. Following the shifting financial conditions and uncertainties in 2022, the ramifications of economic and policy changes are coming into focus for 2023.


Download our report to deepen your understanding of market dynamics, navigate stabilized multiples, and capitalize on the market’s recovery. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions in the evolving SaaS and Digital Media market landscapes.