The team at FE International works extremely hard to exceed expectations at every turn. Over the years, our team has adapted and fine-tuned the marketing and acquisition process to create a proven and efficient model which gets results for buyers and sellers alike.

The real testimonials below are from buyers and sellers that have worked with FE International. Feel free to contact us for references.

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Seph Fontane Pennock and Hugo Alberts
Co-Founders, Positive Psychology

I felt like on top of the process, I knew what was going on at all times. If I didn’t understand something, there would always be patient people on FE’s team to explain to me what was happening and why. So yeah, in an unknown world, I felt very equipped and always trusted that things were going well and progressing nicely.

Jon & Dave Dickson
Co-Founders, MyShopManager

I’m very proud of the entire team at MyShopManager for getting to this milestone and excited to see how they continue to grow in the coming years. FE International was very professional and organized throughout the process and matched us with a suitor that not only met our terms but truly understood what was unique about our business and how our team’s culture set us apart.

Miguel Gauthier

FE ran a robust and professional process that got us in front of an array of buyers from family offices to corporations and funds. They were a valued help getting a complicated transaction over the finish line.

Wilson Lee

I always thought it was going to be a long and arduous process, but with a hot market and FE International’s help, it was pretty smooth, and it went much faster than expected.

Daniel Ni
Founder, ScraperAPI

Couldn’t recommend these guys enough, I could never have sold my business during a pandemic without their help in due diligence, price negotiations etc. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional, hope to do business with them again.

Patrick McKenzie
Kalzumeus Software LLC and Bingo Card Creator

I’ve now sold two businesses through FE International. They (again!) achieved a great outcome for my business, my customers, and my family. I’m excited to see where the buyer takes the business, feel it is in great hands, and felt like the terms negotiated were better than what I would have gotten going solo.

The level of project management FE supplied was a great help during a month where I had four major things going on, and both de-stressed and de-risked the transaction for me.

FE found a buyer who shares my values and who will be an excellent new owner to the business – I’m so glad that it is “going to a good home.” They valued the business at roughly 50% higher than my expectation and got an offer within literally hours. When there was an issue in the process, they diligently represented my interests and resolved it in exactly the fashion I would have hoped it to be resolved. Despite our transaction being three-way multinational, FE’s communication was absolutely top-notch at every stage of the process. I always felt well-informed about our progress and they were quickly responsive to all questions with useful, pertinent answers.