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Our award-winning service makes selling your SaaS business easy.

We go further than just presenting your business on a marketplace. We work with you towards maximizing your sale price. We’ll take care of all of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on running the business during the sale process. With accounting and valuation, onboarding, M&A and technical transfer teams all in-house, FE provides the comprehensive service you will need to successfully exit your business in a convenient and efficient manner.

Dave and Jonathan Dickson share their experience selling their business, MyShopManager for 8-figures, working with FE International

Dave & Jonathan Dickson Founders

Our Selling Process

During the process, our seasoned M&A advisors take care of all the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on running the business. With our accounting and valuation, onboarding, M&A and technical transfer teams all in-house, we provide the comprehensive service you need to achieve your goals—whether they involve selling your business now or in years to come.

From exit planning to valuation analysis, strategic negotiations, due diligence, acquisition accounting, complex legal structuring, post-sale considerations and more. FE goes beyond just prepping your business for acquisition, we’re here to guide you throughout the selling process, and it all starts by getting an expert valuation of your business, it’s quick, easy and there’s no commitment. Are you ready?

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How We Value a SaaS Business

We have spent over 10 years selling SaaS businesses and, in that time, we have collected hundreds of thousands of data points. Learn more about how our Valuation Team values SaaS companies.

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Interview: Selling a SaaS Business

Entrepreneur Wilson Lee identified a persistent e-commerce pain point and decided to launch his SaaS solution, RoboTurk, to solve it. In 2021, he made an impressive exit from his 8-figure business.

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Find out how we guide your sale to success

Over the past decade, FE International has become the preeminent global advisor in SaaS, e-commerce and content M&A, acting as the sole advisor on over 1200 online businesses sold—totaling $1 billion in acquisition value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sell a SaaS Business

During the selling process, our team is here to provide complete transparency and answer every question you may have. To help you get started and begin familiarizing yourself with how the divesting process works, what to expect and what it’s like working with an advisor like FE International, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions.

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What do you expect from a seller in order to be able to accurately value and start marketing the sale of a business?

The process starts with a short consultation to evaluate your needs and see if we are the right partners for you. Following this, we will start to gather information about your business, present our valuation and outline our terms of service. The next step is on-boarding, which requires further data gathering by FE International and completion of preliminary due diligence.

Beyond this, your role is minimal until you assist our team of advisers in analyzing offers for your business. FE International offers a full M&A solution, so all your needs are taken care of – we deal with any and all inquiries, due diligence and execution on your behalf. This is all managed centrally in a dedicated and secure data room for your business, which is made available to you at all times.

You will always be in touch in your M&A adviser should you need someone to talk to.

What is the best first step to take?

We encourage you to reach out to our Valuations team for a free valuation of your business. This would be the first step to determine, based on the feedback you receive, if selling right now aligns with your exit goals, and then we can provide feedback on what may help get you there. Reaching out to schedule a call with a member of the SaaS M&A team may provide additional context to go over the current landscape, trends we’re seeing and discuss our deal pipeline. This way, we can also learn more about your acquisition or exit plans.

Why should I use an advisor such as FE International?

FE advisors have extensive sell-side experience. We have completed over 1,200 transactions to date, which has led to nearly $1B in exit value. With a thumb on the pulse of the current market on both the sell and buy-side, we can provide seasoned advice.

What types of online businesses does FE International sell?

We see a wide breadth of SaaS businesses flow through our deal pipeline: Shopify Apps, Amazon SaaS, CRM software, plugins, analytic software, etc. We’d be happy to discuss our deal pipeline further on a call.

What are the terms of your representation/engagement agreement?

FE International is a contingency-based business — we only charge a fee when your business is successfully sold.

We ask for a period of exclusivity in order to ensure that only our message is being disseminated in the market, which is important in order to maximize the sale value of your business.