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We match buyers with the right business to fit their needs, expertise and long-term goals. Using a data-led, customer-centric approach—with an unwavering commitment to excellence—our goal is to make the acquisition process as simple for you as possible. FE is the leading global M&A advisor for SaaS, e-commerce and content businesses, having acted as the sole advisor on over 1200 online business acquisitions—totaling $1 billion in acquisition value.

FE turns down 90%+ of the leads it gets and only takes on businesses that it feels strongly about and that pass our rigorous pre-marketing diligence.

”FE International is attractive to buyers. They know their track record and they know the quality businesses that FE offer..”

Aram Choe E-commerce Entrepreneur

About buying with FE International

As a buyer, you can expect to receive a detailed prospectus that examines businesses based on our comprehensive due diligence process. At FE International, we utilize a team of accountants to perform pre-marketing due dilligence and extensively vet the sellers whom we represent exclusively to ensure you have a clear picture of the acquisition opportunity. Transparency is front and center, and a prospectus will typically include business operations, growth opportunities, market trends, traffic, financial performance, continuing obligations and more.

Working with an advisor ensures the process is organized, the data on the business is well presented and transparent, and that you have someone who can help guide the process to the finish line. Having a guide who knows the online business space well can help you find the right business and close on it efficiently.

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Funding Options

Naturally, one of the primary objectives for buyers when pursuing the acquisition of an online business is to secure the best possible deal in respect of their funds available and risk appetite. As such, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the funding options for buying an e-commerce business.

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Lessons in Buying a Business

Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter and take it private is becoming a reality, despite doubts that many had. After revealing that he had lined up $46.5 billion in financing last week, the Tesla CEO put the hammer down on Twitter to negotiate a deal. As such, his bid to buy the company is not all that surprising. But what is noteworthy is his effective, strategic approach and how he’s managed to make such a major acquisition a reality.

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How to Evaluate an E-commerce Business

Due diligence of any business purchase is an essential part of the acquisition process. To help you vet potential acquisitions and nail down the right fit, we dug deep into each area as it relates specifically to e-commerce.

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