The team at FE International works extremely hard to exceed expectations at every turn. Over the years, our team has adapted and fine-tuned the marketing and acquisition process to create a proven and efficient model which gets results for buyers and sellers alike.

The real testimonials below are from buyers and sellers that have worked with FE International. Feel free to contact us for references.

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Coupons Plus Deals Version 2

Kim Ngoc
Coupons Plus Deals

I knew that I was in good hands the moment I started working with FE International. I knew I was going to get the outcome I was looking for – mainly because of how diligent and detail-oriented everyone was. I gave the team all the documents that they required from me and they immediately started to put numbers together. There was a wide range of data and numbers that needed to be taken care of, and we couldn’t have done it without the team’s help.

When it came to the listing price after receiving the valuation, I was convinced without a doubt that it was the right number. I was confident in the ability of the valuation and audit teams to get this number correct. We put everything out on the table: the spending, profit and loss statement and every detail in between which helped the team calculate the right listing price for everyone. They also helped explain the process every step of the way. I had no doubt in my mind that the listing price we were given was the best price we could have been given.

Lead Owl Version 2

Kitty Kellman
Co-Founder, LeadOwl

I highly recommend FE International. They specialize in working with SaaS companies, and are extremely thorough, professional, and do quality work. They helped guide me throughout the entire process of selling my software company and did a truly fantastic job.

From the very beginning of listing, through due diligence and negotiations, to the final closing — they felt like an extension of our team. Kevin Oh and his team were brilliant, responsive and truly cared about our success. They went above and beyond.

There are quite a few options for listing out there, but I would go with FE International if you have a SaaS company and are looking to get your company sold. They provide excellent representation and guidance and helped us find the perfect buyer.

I would absolutely recommend FE International and look forward to working with them in the future.

Kitchen Cookware Reviews Version 2

Bozlur Rahman
Kitchen Cookware Reviews

It was really tough to find a reputable M&A advisor to help with the exit of my niche site. I discovered that some M&A advisor companies listed any sites, either new or old, even zero earning sites. So, I was searching for an M&A advisor who listed only legitimate sites and that had financial growth. Finally, I found FE International, which perfectly fulfilled my search criteria.

FBA Private Sellers Version 2

Kyle U. & Alex V.
Private FBA Sellers

We had a great experience working with FE International on our exit from an Amazon FBA / Ecomm business. We were confident in their expertise and ability to structure a deal that we as the seller walked away happy with. The entire team behind FE was available day and night to guide the process along and we would be more than happy to work with FE again on our next business sale!

Payfunnels and Proof Version 2

Dave Rogenmoser
Co-Founder, Payfunnels, Proof (YC 18)

My experience with FE International has been nothing short of phenomenal. I came into the process not knowing much about selling a business and left with my business sold, a huge check in my hand, and FE International helped guide me through the entire process. I would highly recommend working with them, either in buying a business or selling one.

Placeholder Version 2

Alec Rose

The FE International team, particularly Zack Phillips and Alon Sheinberg, showed a lot of patience and diligence to get this sale over the line which I really appreciated. Once in the bidding phase, the team was realistic and very accurate about potential sale offers which helped my decision-making. Also, their knowledge of the eventual buyer’s procedure and expectations post-sale were spot on. Will be happy to do future business with FE International.