The team at FE International works extremely hard to exceed expectations at every turn. Over the years, our team has adapted and fine-tuned the marketing and acquisition process to create a proven and efficient model which gets results for buyers and sellers alike.

The real testimonials below are from buyers and sellers that have worked with FE International. Feel free to contact us for references.

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Dave Churchville
Founder, ExtremePlanner Software

FE did a great job of managing the sales process from end to end. From the initial conversations, they set realistic expectations on what was likely to happen, effectively marketed my business, and were able to attract multiple solid offers within 1 to 2 months. As a first-time seller, I was very happy overall with the end result, as well as how they handled the entire process.

Phil Derksen
Private Seller

Once my business listing was complete, FE found vetted buyers right away. Even though the first few buyers weren’t a good fit, backup buyers were always in place and being communicated with by my broker, so the sale still went fairly quickly. My broker responded very quickly and the attention to details of the listing and prospectus were top quality and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend FE to my colleagues looking to buy or sell web properties and will look to them first for any future sale.

Chad DeShon
Private Seller

I can’t thank FE International enough. Six months ago I didn’t even know it was possible to sell my business. You made the whole process go very smoothly and helped me avoid all of the horror stories I have read about elsewhere. I can’t imagine trying to sell a business without FE International.

Upright Labs Version 2

David Engle
Co-Founder, Upright Labs

When we spoke with the Vice President of M&A, he guided us through the process no matter what and at certain stages, I felt like FE knew my business better than me. If I go to build another business or sell a business, they will be the first call I make. When I’ve talked to other entrepreneurs who sold their businesses, the amount of work they had to put into due diligence was significantly higher than what we had to put in. The main difference was FE. We had FE, and they did not.

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Brian Dais

Selling my business with FE was a great experience. A year ago, I tried to sell my business on my own and found it difficult and frustrating – and in the end, no sale. FE was able to get me a much better deal and handled much of the heavy lifting I had tried to do myself.

Everyone at FE was very helpful and patient as we worked through the process. With their large database of potential buyers, we were able to identify a buyer very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone considering selling their business.

isixsigma Version 2

Michael Cyger
Founder, iSixSigma

It was a night and day difference selling the second time as compared to the first time. Technology aided the process greatly the second time with FE International.

By providing FE International with access to my QuickBooks Online and Google Analytics, as well as uploading copies of our advertiser agreements to a secure, digital document room, they were able to quickly complete an initial due diligence and craft an offering memorandum. Not having to pull together reports saved me time and — I suspect — gave FE International greater confidence that the business was delivering the results I said.

In addition, FE International removed all the “tire kickers” (people who have little intention of buying but want to learn more about your business) from the process — which you’ll typically find at marketplaces where you list your business for sale. And because FE International has multiple tranches of buyers (e.g., “qualified and purchased from FEI in the past,” “qualified but not purchased” and “interested in learning about opportunities”), they could go to their best potential buyers first and answer questions about my business before I even needed to get on a “meet and greet” video conference call. In the end, I probably joined about eight “meet and greet calls” that generated four offers.