Guide to Buying an Online Business

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This guide will teach you:

  • The benefits of owning an online business
  • Which businesses you can buy
  • How to find businesses for sale
  • How to evaluate the purchase
  • Negotiating a buyer-seller friendly offer
  • How to close a deal successfully

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Thomas Smale


Thomas originally founded FE International in 2010, with the aim of helping entrepreneurs running self-funded and profitable businesses exit. Since then, Thomas has built FE into the industry-leading M&A advisor for $1-100M technology businesses. With experience dating back to the early 2000s, Smale offers invaluable technical, diligence and negotiation advice to early-stage and seasoned business owners alike, which has resulted in over 1200 successful exits.

Ismael Wrixen

Executive Chairman

Ismael is the Executive Chairman of FE International, the market leader in the sale of SaaS, E-commerce and Content businesses. Over the past decade, Wrixen has overseen 1200+ successful acquisitions totaling more than a billion dollars in value. Wrixen is also a member of the Forbes Finance Council. Wrixen’s previous background was in large-cap M&A investment banking, where he executed several high-profile public deals, namely in the Technology sector.

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