Whitepapers: Trends, Insights and Best Practices for 2022

Trends, Insights and Best Practices For 2022

The opportunities for SaaS, e-commerce and content businesses are nothing shy of abundant. The total value of closed deals in 2021 was more than double that of 2020, and we continue to see a rapid expansion within these three markets.

With its extensive experience helping individuals buy and sell online businesses, FE International has deep insights into these ever-growing spaces. In these three comprehensive reports, we explore the latest data and trends, offer valuable tips and share what we anticipate for the future of SaaS, e-commerce and content businesses.

In the SaaS report, we dive deep into up-and-coming SaaS trends to capitalize on, the latest on SaaS valuations, the variables that affect how your SaaS is valued, what SaaS buyers are looking for when deciding to invest and much more.

In the e-commerce report, we explore the ins-and-outs of what e-commerce buyers and sellers are looking for and the expanding opportunities within Amazon FBA and Shopify. We also compare aggregators and private equity firms, discuss what they are looking for in e-commerce businesses and explain how an experienced M&A firm like FE International can help you successfully sell to either option.
Finally, our content business report presents the most recent data on content and affiliate deals, shares content and affiliate marketing trends and provides vital insight for cultivating a successful, sellable content business.