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At FE International, we have spent over 10 years advising on the sale of successful websites in every niche imaginable from fitness, fashion and photography to project management, self-help and medical. You might have the dream of building a niche website in pursuit of a six figure exit, but how do you go about it? We asked experts with proven track records with niche websites this simple question:

“What Is Your Top Tip for Growing a Niche Website?”


How to Build, Grow, and Develop a Niche Website

Produce consistent, high-quality content which is authentic and valuable. The advice was varied but most experts concurred on a few pieces of advice:

  • Outsource if this presents a better ROI,  but ensure the content produced is of the highest standard.
  • You should conduct thorough research on your niche and this includes dedicating a significant amount of time to keyword research.
  • You should aim to become an expert on your niche and ideally create a website in a niche you are passionate about.
  • Foster relationships with other bloggers and online influencers in your niche.
  • Systematize! Building a system for great content creation and promotion is the key to scaling a niche site.

Read on for more detailed answers from our panel of experts and vote for your favourite.

Josh Shogren – PassionIntoPaychecks.comweewew

Plug the site into SEMrush and find keywords (free trial here) that are sitting on the fringe of the 1st page (11-15th position). These keywords that are on the fringe of the first page have a lot of potential to be bringing you in some traffic but since they are on the second page, not many people find your site. However, if you can push these keywords to at least the first page you will see a nice bump of traffic from these keywords.

There are a couple of ways to increase theses rankings. A quick way is to throw some PBN links at this page with an anchor text relating to the keyword you are trying to rank for. If you don’t like PBN sites, you have plenty of other options. One thing that I like to do is add 500 words to that page and make sure that you use the exact keyword you are trying to improve within the article at least once.

Another thing I like to do is interlink from another page on my site. What I would do is link from another page on my niche site to the page that I am trying to improve the rankings for. Make sure to use the keyword you are trying to push to the first page as the anchor text.

Doing all of these things will move your keywords sitting on the fringe of the first page to the first page and possibly even to the top of the first page. I have found doing this is one of the quickest ways to improve traffic to a niche site.

Josh Shogren pursues profit and purpose through building niche websites, online marketing and SEO. He is focused on developing a diverse portfolio and blogs about his journey at @PiPwebsite

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Julian Thomas – CloudFortunes.comweewewweewe

My top, universal tip to grow a niche website would be to focus most of your efforts on creative link building. The exception would be if the website had a very strong, established link profile, in which case I would recommend just adding lots of new content.

I think link building is extremely important, and if you ask experts, like Brian Dean, you’ll find that they spend something like 90 percent of their time/resources on acquiring quality links, and the other 10 percent is spent on creating content.

In other words, they spend FAR more time promoting their content than they spend producing new content. I’ve been on both sides of the fence with niche sites, and without a very strong, established link profile, I believe the greatest amount of progress can be made with creative link building.

I use the word creative because that is what you need to score the highest quality links that will produce a very measurable impact on the site’s revenue. You can always use the proven link building techniques, and you should, but thinking outside the box will help you to score the links your competitors won’t get.

To build my amazon authority sites into a very comfortable income, I focus most of my resources on creative link building. I go for quality over quantity. Nothing mind blowing here — just my best tip to help someone grow their niche site and force it to produce more income quickly.

Julian Thomas uses his website to teach you how to use SEO and affiliate marketing to carve out an income from this thing we call the CLOUD.

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Douglas Cunnington – NicheSiteProject.comeewewe

My tip to grow a niche site is to have a solid, repeatable plan that takes you from idea conception to your first dollar of revenue. That means understanding the process from start to finish, or at least the main parts. The niche site process can be distilled down to 5 main phases.

  • Select a Niche or Market with Keyword Research
  • Build Out the website
  • Develop a Content Management Plan
  • Execute a Link Building Campaign
  • Execute an Outreach & Promotion Campaign

I have a project management background so I automatically look at a process and ensure it is repeatable. Depending on the market, niche, and where you are driving traffic from, the timeframe to your first dollar can vary greatly.

One trick to help push past “the dip” is a concept from Agile methodology and the startup world. That is to create a shippable product as soon as possible – A minimum viable product (MVP). One school of thought says you should build out a website with 50 or 100 pages of keyword-driven content, then to move on to you link building and outreach phase.

A better method is to build out 5 or 10 pages, and then you can move on to link building and outreach for the smaller number of pages. You can get traffic to the smaller number of pages faster.

You metaphorically “ship” your product (your niche website) as quickly as you can to generate that first dollar. Then, you can iterate – go back and repeat the process again.

To summarize, you can be ultra-effective only when you know what you are supposed to do and when you are supposed to do it. When you understand the process, you can do what you need to do and grow faster.
dsdsdDoug Cunnington is the founder of, helping people create & monetize niche websites by helping them achieve their goals with project management best practices. @NicheSitePM

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Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – MakingSenseofCents.comwewr

My top tip for growing a niche website is to have passion for what you are writing about. Having a successful website is a lot of work, but it can be a lot easier if you are passionate about what you are writing about. It will be easier to come up with topic ideas for your blog, it will be easier to stay motivated (the majority of new bloggers get tired of writing after just 6 months and give up completely), and, therefore, it will be easier to run a successful website.

Also, I believe that readers can tell if you are not passionate about the work you are doing. If you are not passionate and believe in what you are writing about, then writers may be turned off by your whole blog and may not ever return. This is another reason why believing in what you are writing about and having passion in it is important.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner manages the personal finance and lifestyle blog Making Sense of Cents. She enjoys helping others start WordPress blogs, teaching others how to pay off their debt, increase their income (she publishes income reports each month), and more. @SenseofCents

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Imran Esmail – EscapeYourDeskJob.comewfw

Outsource as much as humanly possible without breaking the bank. You can find an unlimited number of qualified people for every job imaginable using Fiverr, Upwork, and other similar platforms.

I’ve seen hundreds of entrepreneurs try to be heros and wear every hat from marketing to design to copywriting. – They never get very far.

Your job in building your website is how you turn every $1 spent into a $2 profit (at a minimum).

So have laser focus on your business strategy and your main value proposition and then farm out the rest knowing there are better people than you for the job and that your customers will eventually pay back your investment.

Imran teaches over 4400 students across 3 courses on Udemy and has over 50 books on Amazon across a variety of niches. You can find him at and on Twitter @imrane.

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Erik Emanuelli – NoPassiveIncome.comwewe

Building links.

If you have an authority blog, then just focus on creating awesome content with added value for your audience and build connections, so to attract natural links.

For niche websites, started from zero, a correct link building campaign is my top tip to reach success.

It’s important you create links, respecting the velocity (the speed at which you are building links) and the diversity (total number of your site links, considering linking page types, content types, domain names, domain authority, follow/nofollow, etc).

Think of your link profile to be as natural as possible. Focus on relevant websites and remember to diversify the anchor text.

There are many types of links you can create. To mention some:

  • Blog comments
  • Guest posts
  • Social networks
  • High quality internet directories
  • Social sharing sites
  • Forum posts
  • Q&A Sites
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Quality article directories

These are just a few ideas, but there are many more links you can get.

Remember, Google still loves links, but you should do it the right way, to avoid any kind of penalization and if you want to really get high rankings for your keywords.

Erik Emanuelli is an entrepreneur, traveller and passionate blogger teaching you how to make a solid income monthly online. blog gives you information about how to build a passive income, together with blogging, SEO, social media and internet marketing tips. @ChrisNPI

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Lewis Ogden – CloudIncome.comewfew

For me, growing a niche site starts with the foundations. You should look to build your site on a solid platform, of course I’m talking about the domain name you choose.

You see, most niche site builders go with a brand new domain that’s never been registered before and I think that’s a HUGE mistake…and here’s why.

1) The Google Sandbox – Despite weather you believe in it or not, I have seen first-hand how new domains simply don’t rank as quickly as expired domains or those with a good history and existing backlinks.

I have proven in my last case study, that you can purchase a niche-specific domain at auction (usually for around $69) and rank within weeks if not days, rather than waiting 3-6 months, which is the time it takes to rank and brand new domain safely.

2) Less Backlinks Required – For my latest niche site, I used NameJet to find a domain that already had some great links pointing to it in the form of other bloggers giving a “shout out” to the previous owner of the domain.

These links are just what Google wants to see. They are super relevant to my niche and they are branded links, no keyword anchor text has been used. Which makes these links look both natural (because they are) and relevant.

This means that just a handful of links is all it now takes to move your pages into the top 3 spots of Google.

So that’s all for building on the right foundations.

The other tip I have for growing your niche site would be to use long tail keywords to “get your foot in the door”, and by that I mean you need to show Google that you can create great content (preferable 1,500+ words with images, video and other data/media) and when traffic lands on that page they don’t bounce.

You want people to actually read the content, click on a link and navigate the site a little. This is easy to do by targeting keywords with low search volume and low competition.

Low competition for me means a number of things should be present:

1) Keyword contains 4 or more words
2) YouTube, Amazon or Forums ranking on the first page
3) Other niche sites ranking
4) Pages ranking without the keyword in the title

There are obviously other signs of low competition but those are the main factors I look for. If you can find one or more present then you should target that keyword.

The last tip I will leave you with is to expect a niche site to take from 3-6 months to “mature”, even if you purchased and built the site on an expired domain. What you will see if your pages may rank quickly after you publish them, and then drop back down into 100th+ position.

You should expect this for a few months whilst Google figures out what to do with your site and how worthy it is.

This is the time to build some backlinks, SLOWLY. A few comment links, some Web 2.0’s and perhaps some PBN links. Do this in moderation for a couple of months and you will see great things start to happen.

Keep the velocity low, you don’t want to raise a flag and lose all of that hard work!

Lewis is the founder of, the UK based ‘no BS’ Internet Marketing and Online Business Blog. @CloudIncomeUK

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Zac Johnson – ZacJohnson.comewewe

One of the best ways to grow a niche website, is to create a very detailed guide on whatever your main audience is trying figure out. Since the majority of people are likely looking for a solution to something, you want to be able to provide them with a solution, while also having a monetization place in well.

For example, if you wanted to help someone create a successful web sites that can make money online, you would want to walk them through the initial steps of everything that must take place before going live with your site. This includes everything from niche research, content creation, link building and more. With all of this in mind, you would then want to create a resource guide that is better than a lot of the other content already out there.

However, this still isn’t enough. You are also going to need to bring in some creativity, social sharing and branding as well. A great way to do this is by creating an infographic or slideshare of your guide in visual format. You can see a perfect example of how I personally did this at here.

Depending on your niche focus, it would also be a great idea to create an “experts” post on your topic as well. Create a common question that your audience wants an answer to, ask experts within your niche and then create a detailed post on your site. Not only will this provide you with excellent content, but it will also bring in a lot of branding and social shares to your site as well. Again, you can see an example of how I recently did this here.

The best thing about both of these methods, is that they apply to nearly any niche!

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur, blogger and branding expert with nearly 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing. – @zacjohnson

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Jon Haver – AuthorityWebsiteIncome.comwewee

Systematize! Building a system for great content creation and promotion is the key to scaling a niche site or multiple niche sites. We will all go through phases of interest with our projects and I have found the key to growing a site is having a system in place to continue producing content and promoting it even when I am not personally involved in the site. Finding a successful model and then scaling it is the key! For me that model has been great content creation and using very high quality PBNs (among other strategies) to grow sites.

Jon is a husband, father, engineer, sports fan and huge geek when it to comes to automating and outsourcing any activity. Over the last 5 years he has built up over 150 websites and uses these to generate his passive income. He blogs about his journey at

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Tal Gur – OneYearToFreedom.comewewee

My top tip for growing a niche website is to foster relationships with online influencers in your niche market.  Influencers have thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of engaged and targeted followers so by leveraging their audience you’ll grow your own much quicker. Not only that, influencers can lend credibility to your business – People tend to follow Influencers because they know they will get real, honest information from them. Building a strong relationship with credible influencers means gaining the inherent trust of their audience. Think about it: it’s much better to get quality traffic from someone who can recommend your offers than random traffic of people who are not 100% vested in what you have to say.

Tal Gur is an online entrepreneur, freedom business coach, and the creator of One Year to Freedom, a site designed to inspire others to create more financial freedom in their life. You can also find him on his personal website or on Twitter @Tal_Gur

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Chris Lee –

If I had to give one tip to grow a niche site, it would be to target big keywords in your niche.

Sounds simple, I know, but I review a lot of niche sites and this is probably the most common mistake I see. People have the idea that they should avoid big keywords with high competition and just go after low-traffic, long-tail keywords.

Nothing wrong with that, but you’re putting a cap on your site’s potential growth and income. I don’t mean you should only target big keywords. Go after long-tail keywords like you normally do, but target the big keywords in your niche as well.

Sure, you won’t rank for them right away, but building good links should position your site to dominate your niche in the long-run. Niche sites are all a long-term these days anyways. Building 5-page micro sites and trying to rank a new site within a week is no longer a profitable option.

If you do this, your traffic will rise drastically. If you hadn’t even targeted them in the first place, no matter how many links you built, and how much authority you built to your domain, you would never be in a position to fully profit from it.

Chris Lee is an SEO and niche site specialist, and blogs about his projects at

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Dominique Jackson – DominiqueJ.comda5de2be19651559fac2d79a5f9e8649

Stop thinking small. I get emails from people who have a site built up and aren’t getting the results they hoped for. And so often, the problem was how they started from the beginning. When you’re doing keyword research or thinking of the niche you want to build a site around, make sure that it’s narrow enough to avoid too much competition, but broad enough to be able to produce a lot of content related to your target keyword or niche. You don’t want to limit yourself right out the gate.

For instance, instead of the niche “Panasonic headphones”, you could choose something like “sports headphones”. Now, you’re able to target a lot more brands and even some related accessories like fitness trackers while still staying relevant.

This gives you the opportunity to rank for more keywords, interlink your content and build more of an authority site than a small 10 page churn-and-burn site. I like to call these authority niche sites. It’s easier to get organic growth with this approach.

Niche doesn’t have to be as restricting as a lot of people think. Too many online marketers are limiting themselves by doing things like:

  • Choosing unbranded exact match domain names
  • Focusing on a single product instead of a category
  • Not adding enough content to their niche sites

There’s so much untapped opportunity to dominate niche categories that have little to no competition. Start thinking bigger and you’ll get bigger results.

Dominique Jackson is a pro blogger, inbound marketer, and Twitter addict! You can read his tips for growing a profitable blog on

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Phil Lavoie – EarningFinancialFreedom.comdssd

My top tip for growing a niche website is to focus on content before anything else, and keep a regular schedule of publishing. If you publish high quality content the rest of the SEO and marketing for your niche site becomes a lot easier.

Let your content do the hard work for you. You’ll attract social shares, links, and see an improvement in your search engine ranks. If you’re not writing your own content, this means investing in premium content – not outsourcing as cheap as you can.

A few tips to keep in mind when writing content:

  • Write detailed, in-depth articles.
  • You should be publishing 1,000 words without any ‘filler’.
  • Include as many forms of multi-media as is relevant.
  • Make your content easy to read, use plenty of sub-headers.
  • Make it engaging for the reader, ask questions and invite feedback.

Phil is from the UK and has 5 years’ experience working in the internet marketing field. Always willing to try new products, services, and find out what’s working – feel free to connect via his blog

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Asher –

I guess my number one tip for growing a niche site would be to get to know the other bloggers in the niche, no matter how big or small.

A lot of people think that this means a formal article pitch or impressing the influencers with a *big idea*, but I’ve found the most effective interaction comes from genuinely helping other people.

This can be through something as simple as answering a question they have with a comment on their blog or creating a post on your website that solves a problem that they mentioned previously.

In return, the bloggers will often leave a nice mention of your website and a new stream of traffic will soon follow. Plus it’s a great way to learn more about your niche and expand on the topics covered by your website.

Asher runs the internet marketing blog On the side he also creates various niche websites as a source of passive income to fund his travels and to help support his parents.

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Brittany and Charlie – TheTradingTravelers.comsdfdsf

Consistency is the key to many businesses, not just niche sites. Most SEOs and niche site developers (especially when new to the game) don’t want to hear that content is most important. It doesn’t sound sexy and its very time consuming. But here’s the thing, anyone that’s been in the SEO game for more than a few months knows how to scrape links, buy links, or create their own with a PBN. This takes the economies of scale right out of niche sites. You don’t want to find yourself in a battle with competitors to see who can gather more “quality links”, it is a dead end road. I have found the best way to outrank anyone whose only ace in the hole is throwing links at their site is with consistent content.

However, it’s worth noting a few things. First, consistent content does not mean content needs to be revolutionary. It simply means the creation of new content, specifically targeting new keywords. Second, consistency of new content needs to be frequency-specific. It is up to you how much new content you want to create, but it needs to be consistent. In the beginning the more the better, but once rankings have been established two new articles a month usually does the trick.

Brittany and Charlie are location independent entrepreneur’s blogging about working online while traveling indefinitely at @TradinTraveler

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Jackie Bolen – FreedomThroughPassiveIncome.comsdfsd

My top tip for growing your niche website is to focus on building your email list. People like Pat Flynn and Gary Vaynerchuk talk about them all the time and for good reason-they’re powerful! Although social media is becoming more and more important, email still remains the best way to sell something to someone. Like Pat Flynn, one of my biggest regrets in my online business is that I didn’t start building an email list right from the start. But, better late than never! Sign-up for MailChimp or Aweber and get started now if you haven’t already.

Here are a few tips for growing your list:

  1. Contests – people love them and they’re an excellent way to get some huge numbers. My favourite tool for doing this is KingSumo which is a paid WordPress plugin. The best thing about it is that it really encourages people to share your contest with their friends and on social media because for each person that signs up through their link, they get a certain number of additional entries (set by you).
  2. Pop-Ups – it really is useful to have pop-ups on your website if you want to capture emails. Ever since I put SumoMe on all my websites I’ve gotten some huge results-an increase of about 200% from what I was previously doing. I use SumoMe because it’s free and very user-friendly.
  3. A lead magnet- Remember that people need some sort of incentive to join your email list. So create something that people want and make it awesome. It’ll go a long way towards building trust with the people on your list if you can deliver exactly what you promise.

Jackie Bolen is a Canadian who has been living abroad for a decade. She loves to build passive income streams! – you can follow her progress at @bolen_jackie

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Nathaniell Brenes – OneMoreCupOf-Coffee.comerfe

In my experience, the best strategy for growing a new niche website is writing consistent, high quality, long-form content that targets low competition keywords.

There are thousands of keywords out there for any niche, and to find them, you don’t even need a keyword tool. All you have to do is use Google Instant to see what real people are searching for online. Just thirty minutes of research can turn up hundreds of possible post topics which could keep you busy writing content for the next year.

Many of these search terms will only bring in minimal traffic on their own, but collectively they can lay a solid foundation of daily visitors to your niche site.

Fast forward a few months, and now you have a diverse set of content on your blog. When you write product reviews you can refer to your own articles for extended reading rather than external sources. You are ranking for hundreds of low competition keywords in Google, and have a steady flow of highly targeted traffic.

This is a solid beginning to becoming an authority in your niche and now you can now start to target higher competition keyword phrases. Plus, with a bank of quality articles to point to, you can employ other marketing techniques like social outreach.
Nathaniell promotes a unique view of niche site building and online income at @More_Coffee_Plz

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Aaron – FreedomAndFulfilment.comweeww

Submit your website to link aggregator sites in your niche. Link aggregator sites are great for two reasons – 1) they are already getting a large amount of traffic, at least relative to your site if you’re just starting out and 2) the people visiting link aggregator sites in your niche already have an interest in your content.

People who find your site through a link aggregator are much more likely to become consistent readers, to engage with your content, and to ultimately buy your products/services vs. ‘colder’ traffic that comes through something like organic search. If you’re not already aware of any link aggregator sites in your niche, a good way to find them is to contact other
bloggers and ask them if they know/would recommend any
. Being listed on a link aggregator can quickly bring a brand new niche site dozens or hundreds of visitors a day, which makes a big difference when you’re just starting out. It’s quick and relatively easy, with a big impact on your site’s growth – that’s my #1 tip.

Aaron is an author, blogger and entrepreneur who travels while working online. He writes about habits, fitness, spirituality and all aspects of self-improvement at @FandFdotcom

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Lee Romanov – IncomeActivator.comwewwe

To grow your website, and by that I mean grow it financially, you need to provide good information to your niche, and make money by placing Google’s Pay Per Click Ads around your content,
and by signing up companies that will pay you for your referrals. Companies, like law firms pay $20, $50 even $100 per lead. You can also send leads to yourself.

Plus, get your visitors to contribute content to your website by asking them for their stories, pictures and videos. The more pages you have, the more visitors you’ll get, and the more money you’ll make. This is the model used by all BIG Money Companies, like Google, PriceLine, AngiesList, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. Income Activator provides you with the website you can control, all the feature you need, and with software that tracks your referrals, and creates invoices from leads.

Lee Romanov, Top Internet Marketer, has been making money online since 1994. Her last Internet business sold to Media Giant Torstar, then she created, a website platform with 10 Revenue Streams. @LeeRomanov

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Jason Moore – ZeroToTravel.comwerw

Do what most people in your niche won’t do. The barrier to creating articles and written content is low which means much more competition. High quality, value-driven audio and video content can be more difficult to produce but will set you apart from the masses. This type of content also allows you to connect with your audience and customers on a deeper and more personal level.

Bonus tip: Invite your audience to connect with you via email, Twitter or on a call so you can get to know each other better.

Want more travel in your life? As host of the top-rated Zero To Travel podcast and co-founder of Location Indie Jason can help you travel the world on your terms, no matter what your situation or experience.

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Mainak Halder – PastMasterBlogger.comsdfds

Act as if your niche website is your business and you’re going to widen the business with more monetization option other than AdSense. Your niche website is only a small step to building a huge business and reaching the top. Later, your niche website won’t be monetized. That will be just a platform for promotion of your actual business.

The other things specifically to grow a niche website are:

  1. Even if you post one article a week or month, make sure the article is epic, stands out with its own point of view from the article that are already on Page 1 of Google for those keywords.
  2. Bring organic traffic as well as referral traffic, so ranking on search engines is as important as guest posting to bring referral traffic. I’ve seen guest posting goes far in bringing referral traffic to site.
  3. Ultimately, try getting your own product in the future and that’s where the business progress starts is.

Mainak is a solopreneur, blogger and founder of – a community that shares ongoing learning on the topic of authority site building, making it as actionable as possible to help you grow your own sustainable authority sites from scratch. Connect at @PastMasterBlog.

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Reggie Paquette –

When you can answer your reader’s question or solve their problem eweewin a simple and easy way, getting traffic to it will be easy.

Ask yourself: what’s the number one problem or issue people are looking to solve with the product you’re promoting? This is the answer to why they are purchasing the product.

Find the best piece of content that’s already out there that does this and create your own that is better by at least 2x.

Here’s how:

  1. Use original photos instead of stock photos
  2. Create a video that does a better job at answering your reader’s question
  3. Make your content interactive. Can they answer a few questions that gives them a more personal answer?
  4. Include notable scientific sources to back up any claims or statistics
  5. Ask experts to weigh in and include their response in your content. Ask them to promote it when it’s done
  6. Make it easy to read on mobile devices
  7. Include a downloadable PDF so people can take it with them
  8. Tell a story to draw readers in with emotion
  9. Hire an inexpensive illustrator to add unique illustrations for a more pleasurable reading experience
  10. Design your website better to look more authoritative or fun

Once you have a better piece of content written, find who linked to and shared the other examples you found and reach out to them to promote it. Post it everywhere your audience goes to find answers to the problem/issue and it will be met with love.

The end result is more traffic, shares, links, higher organic rankings, and – my favorite – conversions!

Reggie Paquette is a niche site blogger and inbound marketing specialist at EYEMAGINE where he creates inbound strategies for eCommerce clients.

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Yaro Park– ResidualIncomer.comwerewr

Why are people using search engines? They are looking for answers from experts.

Do you want to steal all of the  traffic from Google?

Then you should become an expert in the niche!

Yes, the expert. Even if you just started new website you need to learn and find all information about the niche. Visitors come to your website to find answers their questions. Even when they unable to find it they might leave the comment or contact to you for the answer.

Always follow up with your best answer and if need it do research before.

And it’s also another way to increase traffic on your website.

How? Write an article related to the problem people are looking for answer too.

Entrepreneur and Blogger at! Helping people to create Online Businesses from scratch and get passive income! @yaropark

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Julien David – ProjectDigitalRise.codfhdfm

My top tip for growing a niche website in this day and age? Diversify your game plan and try as many different tactics as you can.

Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket by relying on just 1 or 2 traffic/marketing/link-building strategies.

The days where you could fairly easily grow a site by simply putting out good content in your niche with a decent SEO strategy is pretty much gone.

Whilst SEO is still a piece of the puzzle, these days you gotta do a lot more than that to grow your site, and the more you do the more you’re tilting the odds in your favour.

There are TONS of ways to grow a niche content website whether it’s social media marketing on the vast number of different platforms out there, creating videos for YouTube or other platforms to build trust and reach more people, starting a podcast to tap into even more people, guest posting on relevant blogs in your niche, or testing highly-targeted paid advertising just to name a few.

Implement and test as MANY different growth tactics as you can, because chances are many competing sites in your niche aren’t going the extra mile like this.

Julien is an online entrepreneur, digital marketer, blogger and founder of He started his first website in 2006, quit his job in 2010 and has been making a living with niche websites ever since allowing him to live and work anywhere in the world and teach others how to achieve more freedom in their lives.

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Chris – NicheSiteTools.comeweerw

Define your ideal audience member and strive to exceed their expectations every day.  Always be thinking about how you can help that individual solve a particular problem, or overcome a pain point.

If you have subscribers already, great.  Send them a personalized email thanking them for subscribing and ask them directly if there are any particular problems they are facing, that you can help with.

If you don’t yet have subscribers or followers, create a short 1-2 page eGuide or checklist, that would help them solve some of the most common issues in your niche and offer that as an incentive to subscribe.

Create a private Facebook group and make yourself accessible to folks that join up.  Be genuine, be supportive, be helpful and be yourself.

Here is one of my all-time favorite quotes, that sums things up:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help others get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

Chris is the founder of and the NicheSiteTools Podcast, dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success online.

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Mike Bradford – NicheSiteAzon.comerw

My top tip for growing a niche site is really two-fold.  One, you should really be adding new, fresh content on a consistent basis. In my experience, Google loves sites that add new content regularly, and this should be no different than a niche site. You can either set up a “blog” section on your website and add new blog posts once every week or so about topics in your industry, or you can publish more traditional “articles” that cover the same thing.

Two, no matter how much some of us may dread the idea, acquiring powerful backlinks are still crucial to growing out your niche site, at least if you are trying to achieve increased rankings in Google, which most of us are. There are techniques out there such as The Skyscraper technique, and the Guestographic technique, that I have used personally, and I can tell you they work — and the best part is, these are all white-hat, high-quality backlinks that Google loves. It does take a bit of time to create these pieces of content, and then outreach, but in my opinion, it is well worth it.

Mike blogs about his success and failures of Niche site building at Over the past 12 months, he has made over $32,000 with Amazon niche sites.

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Henley Griffin –

My top tip for growing a niche site is to not take your on-site SEO for granted. Often if a site or page isn’t ranking like you think it should, tweaking your on-site SEO for things like keyword density can give you that boost and growth that you’re hoping for. This is especially important if you’re using a domain that is an exact match or partial match because it is easy to end up with a high KW density for your target keywords due to them repeating in your URL.

After unsuccessfully promoting Clickbank products years ago, Henley Griffin found success with Amazon niche sites in 2010. Sometimes he writes about it at

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David Aston – IncomeDiary.comererrr

It should go without saying that the quality of your content needs to be great in order to grow any site, so my top tip for growing a niche site would be to start building your email list from day 1.

You can easily install a simple plugin like PopUp Domination to help you with this!

If you’re building an email list for a niche site around a very specific topic, you already know exactly what your readers are willing to give something up (in this case an email) in return for your offer.

You can then keep in contact with these people by sending out relevant and useful emails and will hopefully build a long term (and profitable) relationship!

David Aston is a content author at

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Nick Loper – SideHustleNation.comwerwe

The most effective way I’ve seen to grow niche website is to create content that’s worth sharing. I’ve tried to build my share of crappy anonymous sites on topics I knew nothing about — and not surprisingly — they went nowhere. Only when I’ve doubled down and built something I’m truly proud to stand behind — and sign my name to — have things taken off. That means going the extra mile, writing the in-depth case studies, seeking out the expert interviews, shooting videos, investing in design, and overall thinking of the entire project as a brand and a business rather than just a niche site.

Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He’s an author, online entrepreneur, and life-long student in the game of business. His latest role is as Chief Side Hustler at, a growing community and resource for aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs. @nloper

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