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FE International is here to help guide you throughout the selling process by connecting you with an expert group of M&A advisors. If you’re considering or are just interested in finding out the value of your business, please click on the Valuations button below, it’s quick, easy and there’s no commitment.

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Over the past decade, FE International has become the preeminent global advisor in SaaS, e-commerce and content M&A, acting as the sole advisor on over 1,200 online businesses sold—totaling $1 billion in acquisition value.

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Podcast May 13, 2022
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“FE International removed all the “tire kickers” from the process — which you’ll typically find at marketplaces where you list your business for sale.”

Michael Cyger Founder of iSixSigma

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sell a Content Business

During the selling process, our team is here to provide complete transparency and answer every question you may have. To help you get started and begin familiarizing yourself with how the divesting process works, what to expect and what it’s like working with an advisor like FE International, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions.

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What is the best first step to take?

The best first step is to sit down with our valuations team to gain some quality insights on what your business could be worth in the current market. Our experienced valuations teams will take a deep dive into your business and provide you with a fair valuation of what kind of deal you would be likely to receive. They will also provide you with their rationale for their valuation, which will be based on your business’s earnings, financial trends, similar precedent transactions, and other aspects.

Why should I use an advisor such as FE International?

Using an advisor such as FE International offers you access to an extensive network of buyers so that we can ensure you have the right acquirer for your business. Our network members have extremely diverse budget ranges and niche interests that stretch across all the business models associated with the SaaS, e-commerce and content verticals. Using FE, you also gain access to our experienced team of brokers that not only have business connections from years of prior deal history but are also well-renowned experts in deal strategy and negotiation. With the support and hard work from our team, you can be confident that not only will you receive a deal for your business, but you will receive the best deal possible.

What type of online businesses does FE International sell?

FE is an M&A firm focused on middle-market transactions in SaaS, e-commerce and content. When it comes to content businesses specifically, there are a variety of business models that fall under this category. The main revenue models of these businesses are:

Affiliate Partnerships
Display Advertising Partnerships
Direct Advertising Partnerships
Lead Generation
Digital Products/Services