2024 SaaS M&A Report

2024 M&A Report Banner SaaS

Presenting our SaaS Industry M&A Mid-Year Report for 2024.

SaaS and the overall market faced significant challenges in 2023—rising interest rates, inflation, geopolitical conflicts, and bank failures shocked nearly every industry. However, incredible market resilience in Q4 generated unprecedented growth and great momentum going into 2024.

Our team of experts built this report to help you understand pivotal changes shaping in the SaaS landscape in 2024. Notable trends include:

  • AI reprograms the market. The growing adoption and integration of AI tools drive increased deal activity across industries. Strategic acquisitions take the stage as tech giants seek established, proprietary technologies to affirm market leads.
  • Interest rates should normalize, which is expected to boost growth of businesses and investors alike. This comes off of the record setting Q4 2023—which saw the highest deal volume recorded in a single month since June 2019.
  • Private Equity dry powder remains near record levels, poised for deployment throughout the year. Converting it into investments may rely on the resurgence of strong exit opportunities for VCs through IPOs or M&A activity—something that is picking up significantly in 2024.

It’s shaping to be an investor market—competitive, but full of opportunities across sectors. Still, increasing regulations concerning data privacy and AI are taking shape. Navigating these shifts will require deep industry insights for new enterprises and investors alike. Empower your strategy with comprehensive industry analysis, rooted in robust, data-driven insights, along with a clear portrayal of the opportunities shaping the SaaS market. Stay ahead of the competition with our market report.